Programs and Solutions

Capital Solutions Group – Offers one of a kind lending platform with many lenders that offer different funding options for nearly every industry. When you contact us, You will have a dedicated loan consultant who will get to your needs and goals and find the right lending partner that meet your needs. No matter what type of business you are in we  all experience of ups and downs and rest assured that we are here to make the lending process seamless for you. Every business at some point has to make the decision to grow or risk being left behind in the market place. As the old adage says, “If your business isn’t growing you are dying” And when it is time to make that important decision, The team at Capital Solutions Group will be there to walk with you through every bit of the process.

Commercial Real Estate Loans – Whether you are planning to purchase a new location, or access the equity in your existing Commercial Property the team at Capital Solutions Group has got you covered. We got our start in the Commercial Lending space over 16 years ago and have access to some of the Nations top Commercial lenders. As with all our programs, our friendly and knowledgeable consultants will first gain an understanding of what it is you would like to accomplish then leverage our resources to find you the best solution. We have a certain niche with Multi Unit & Mixed Use properties. Contact us today to find out how we can make your next Commercial purchase or REFI a seamless experience.

Business Funding – Whether you are planning to expand, or purchasing an equipment overhaul At Capital Solutions Group we know that having access to readily available Capital is a vital component to operating and growing your business. Our host of services includes Merchant Cash Advances, SBA Loans, Lines Of Credit, Equipment loans, Invoice Financing and Short Term Loans. Our dedicated consultants will work with every step of the way to provide you the right solution.

Equipment loans – Every entrepreneur knows the importance and value of investing their business. We make the process seamless and will provide you with a host of options. With Equipment Loans there are a few factors that come into play. The interest rates are fixed and can vary from 8% to 27%. Your existing equipment will serve as collateral for the new purchase and the term will be based on the general life of the equipment being purchased. While leasing does have certain advantages, owning your equipment is always ideal because your equipment becomes a collateralized asset and excellent way to build your credit profile.

Receivables Financing – This is probably the one of the most effective financial tool that any B2B business should have in their toolbox. Many B2B companies take a great risk of extending their account base terms, while all businesses need to have terms, It can very easily put you and your business in a compromising situation. We can provide you with an invaluable resource to free up your cash flow and greatly reduce your exposure.

Short Term & SBA Loans – Additionally, We offer a complete portfolio of Short Term loans that range from 90 Days to a more lengthy 15 year payment schedule. When thinking about obtaining A Short Term loan, It’s always best to be certain that you have a realistic plan and that a short term loan should never take the place of putting together a long term financial solution.

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